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From the business owning you
to you
owning your business!

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Habits that make your business work
(so you don’t always have to).


"We believe in "snackable growth":

optimizing your current business first through effective habits so that when you do grow, you can get the most out of future clients, employees, or revenue."

Tom & Lien, co-founders LYNX

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Snackable growth > traditional growth

Most growth strategies focus on getting “more”:

More clients, more employees, more offices, more revenue…


But do you really need that?

Do you have time to grow?


Entrepreneurs are always busy getting things done. And as their business grows, they want to stay involved in everything, so they work even harder, until it becomes inefficient and too much…

Can your business handle growth?

Because entrepreneurs are so involved, they fail to set up effective systems for their business to work without them. If everything needs your permission, your business will never be able to grow beyond you…



Without time or capacity to grow,

more clients, employees or revenue will only be harder to manage...

Take back control over your time and business.

You don’t need expensive growth strategies.  


You just need to delegate more and manage better to get the results you really want.

At LYNX, we help entrepreneurs master one skill that does just that:

business habit design

With this skill, you can optimize, pivot and grow your business however you want, without doing all the work 24/7.

Business habits?

We all have work habits that help us do our job better.

But not all of them are great for your company.

(There are better habits than drinking 10 cups of coffee a day to get work done 🙂)


Here's what happens when you intentionally design the right habits for yourself and your co-workers:


The right people do the right things well, every time it matters.


You become a proactive manager who knows which actions will lead to the results you want.


You are in control of how your business runs and grows, without doing all the work yourself.


You save time and energy to focus on growing your business to where you want it to be!

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