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Business Scan

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assess your current habits.

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We designed a simple survey to scan your current business habits and their potential for snackable growth.


Just like your computer needs an anti-virus scan every now and then, your business needs a health check too!

A completed scan gives a percentage.

The higher the number, the bigger the chance your organization is doing the right things right.


The business scan has multiple uses:

  • Benchmark:
    How did we evolve since our last scan?

  • Barometer:
    Which aspect of our business is under pressure?

  • Compass:
    Which elements of our business are the most relevant to optimize now?

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Instant advice for your business.

After completing the business scan, you automatically receive an e-mail with concrete next steps:

  • Analyze your responses to every question.

  • Understand which business elements to opitmize.

  • Discover how we can help you.


Feel free to reach out whenever you feel stuck or have questions.


We are all ears!

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